• -Lamps that are thrown away can leak mercury into the environment, contaminating landfills and surrounding areas.
    - Federal and state EPA regulations require that lamps be recycled.

    • - Undertake Underground Storage Tanks (UST) and Above Storage Tanks (AST) cleaning of any kind.
      - Sales of Gamajet Tank Cleaning equipment in Nigeria.
      - Assist startup Tank cleaning contractors.
      - Undertake vessels cleaning.

      • -A space that has limited or restricted access of entry or exit which is large enough for a worker to enter and work in, but is not designed for continuous occupancy
        • 03. ELECTRONIC WASTE
        • -We Process end of life electronic equipment
          - Computers CPU
          - Main Frames
          - Monitors
          - Plotters
          • - Pest control: Fumigation and fogging of office and residential accomodation.
            - Remediation of underground tank spillage.
            - Oil spillage containment.

            • 05. WASTE MANAGEMENT
            • -Effluent analysis/treatment, design and construction of oil/water separators.
              - Hazardous/contaminated waste management including waste oil and waste chemical handling and disposal.

              • - Soil, surface/underground water, air quality analyses.
                - Noise assessment.
                - Occupational health assessment.
                - Socio-economic assessment.
                - Risk assessment.
                - Compliance audits.
                - Environmental management systems/plans.

                • 07. JANITORIAL SERVICES
                • - Industrial cleaning of workshop, office and residential accomodation.

                  08. ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING

                  09. ENVIRONMENTAL DATABANK

                  10. LANDSCAPING






Safety Benefits and Features

- Lamps are crushed, filtered, and sealed in a 55-gallon drum vs. stacking lamps in boxes or fiber drums.
- No detectable levels of mercury vapor emitted during crushing.
- Sensor alerts user when drum is full.
- Another sensor will not allow crushing unless there is a perfect seal on the drum.
- Automatic purge cycle allows additional mercury vapor to be neutralized after unit is turned off.


Feeding the bulb eater


Two alternatives to packing florescent tubes

Why recycle lamps?

Environmental reasons:

- Fluorescent lamps contain mercury, a hazardous compound.
- Lamps that are thrown away can leak mercury into the environment, contaminating landfills and surrounding areas.

Legal reasons:

- Federal and state EPA regulations require that lamps be recycled.
- Penalties for failing to recycle can result in large fines and negative PR.

The Bulb Eater

The safe, efficient way to recycle fluorescent lamps.
The Bulb Eater system not only crushes spent fluorescent lamps of any length into 100% recyclable material, but also captures over 99.99% of the vapors released!. The system, which is mounted to a 55-gallon container, can hold up to 1350 4’ fluorescent lamps.bulb earter
A three-stage filtering process removes hazardous particulates and gases. A recent study showed non-detectable levels of escaped mercury vapor even after crushing 1500 lamps. A safety control panel gives the operator added security by monitoring seven aspects of the machine to better ensure operator safety.
In addition to providing EPA and OSHA compliance, the Bulb Eater frees up valuable storage space normally filled with boxes of spent whole lamps, reduces handling and related labor costs, and typically cuts recycling costs by 50% or more.


Machine Benefits

Eliminate storage hassles - Reduce your needed storage space for lamps by crushing 1350 T8 4' lamps per 55-gallon drum.flourescent tubes
Reduce handling - Handle your spent bulbs once. Simply roll your Bulb Eater lamp crushing system on a 55-gallon drum dollie (sold separately) to the work area or into a storage area. Save roughly 20 hours of labor per 1000 lamps by crushing rather than boxing the lamps!.


Why crush lamps?

Cost Savings

- Recyclers charge significantly less for crushed lamps than whole lamps
- Crushing lamps is up to 50% less expensive than intact lamp recycling solutions
- Less time spent boxing lamps = less money spent on required labor

Time Savings

- Crushing reduces labor by 20 hours per 1,000 lamps vs. boxing lamps for pickup
- Crushing lamps can eliminate unnecessary handling of spent lamps
- Crushing results in lower likelihood of bulb breakage vs. boxing, meaning less time needed to clean up and dispose of broken bulbs.

Space Savings

- Crushing minimizes needed storage space by 80% vs. boxing lamps for pickup
- One 55 gallon drum can hold up to 1350 4-foot fluorescent lamps