• -Lamps that are thrown away can leak mercury into the environment, contaminating landfills and surrounding areas.
    - Federal and state EPA regulations require that lamps be recycled.

    • - Undertake Underground Storage Tanks (UST) and Above Storage Tanks (AST) cleaning of any kind.
      - Sales of Gamajet Tank Cleaning equipment in Nigeria.
      - Assist startup Tank cleaning contractors.
      - Undertake vessels cleaning.

      • -A space that has limited or restricted access of entry or exit which is large enough for a worker to enter and work in, but is not designed for continuous occupancy
        • 03. ELECTRONIC WASTE
        • -We Process end of life electronic equipment
          - Computers CPU
          - Main Frames
          - Monitors
          - Plotters
          • - Pest control: Fumigation and fogging of office and residential accomodation.
            - Remediation of underground tank spillage.
            - Oil spillage containment.

            • 05. WASTE MANAGEMENT
            • -Effluent analysis/treatment, design and construction of oil/water separators.
              - Hazardous/contaminated waste management including waste oil and waste chemical handling and disposal.

              • - Soil, surface/underground water, air quality analyses.
                - Noise assessment.
                - Occupational health assessment.
                - Socio-economic assessment.
                - Risk assessment.
                - Compliance audits.
                - Environmental management systems/plans.

                • 07. JANITORIAL SERVICES
                • - Industrial cleaning of workshop, office and residential accomodation.

                  08. ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING

                  09. ENVIRONMENTAL DATABANK

                  10. LANDSCAPING





Safety Tips

Vertical Tank Cleaning

We undertake cleaning of all kinds of vetical storage tanks, We clean tanks like no other cleaning equipment can give you.

Cleaning of Ikeja Shopping Mall

Why Clean our Storage Tanks?

Health reasons:

The quality of drinking-water is a powerful environmental determinant of health. Drinking-water quality management has been a key pillar of primary prevention for over one-and-a-half centuries and it continues to be the foundation for the prevention and control of waterborne diseases. Water is essential for life, but it can and does transmit disease in countries in all continents – from the poorest to the wealthiest. The most predominant waterborne disease, diarrhoea, has an estimated annual incidence of 4.6billion episodes and causes 2.2 million deaths every year.

Inspecting a Gobyjet maching before moving it out for field work

Inspecting a Gobyjet maching before moving it out for field work

Production reasons:

* Reduce or eliminate contamination from residues
* Improved product quality
* Reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination between batches.
* Minimize or eliminate shielding residues or coatings which prevent efficient transfer of heat
* Improved product quality
* Reduce or eliminate confined space entries
* Increased productivity (less downtime)
* Improved employee safety and morale (no safety shutdowns)
* Reduced costs of accidents & insurance premiums
* Reduce operating and repair costs
* Equipment performs as intended and at designed productivity levels
* Clean equipment costs less to repair because problems can be detected as they
occur rather than wait for catastrophic and expensive failures hidden by dirt.

Tank Cleaning

Water storage tanks (plastic, aluminum or steel) receive and store water from either municipal treated water systems or underground boreholes. Both sources have problems associated with storing water in an enclosure for a period of time.
A list of contaminats possible present in your water storage tanks:Metal Storage Water Tank
-Dissolved and suspended particles
-Organic compounds including pesticides
-Toxic metals (lead, mercury, etc)
-Micro-organisms (protozoa, parasites, bacteria and virus)
-Additives (chlorine, fluorine, etc)
-Radioactive materials (radon, uranium etc)
The presence of some contaminats listed above in domestic water due to unclean tanks may result in bio-accumulation of carcinogens.
Regular cleaning of your water tank prevents rusting from inside, and reduces cost of maintenance and replacement.
Cleaning of your tank regularly adds value and improves the bottom line.


Machine Benefits

Environ-Waste Nigeria Limited introduces the power of Gamajet tank cleaning technology from USA, A Non Entry Tank Washing for domestic and industrial tanks either ABOVE or BELOW GROUND. Don't just clean it, gamajet it. www.gamajet.com.Gamajet Products
Gamajet is a stainless steel tank cleaning machine using water as cleaning solution. Gamajet has a fluid driven orbital washhead which distributes the wash fluid in two degrees, 3-dimensional , 360 degrees or optional 180 degrees, spherical spray pattern. It cleans large size tanks of heights over 15m. It derives the energy needed for turning the nozzles and rotating the body from the wash fluid passing through its insides. As the name implies, GAMAJET, the device is a dynamic head that as it spins inside the tank, directs jets of liquid from its nozzles in a full 360 degrees pattern against the walls of the vessel. It is driven by fluid. The impact of the wash liquid against the vessel’s wall causes the dislodging of the debris that would otherwise remain in the tank.


Projects Excuted

Water Storage Tanks

Environ-Waste Nig. Ltd has successfully used this novel gamajet tank cleaning equipment to clean Community water storage tanks in the following places for Total E & P sustainable development water projects namely, Obagi, Akabta, Oboburu, Ogbogu and Ohali-Elu.

This pilot project was completed in record time and was a resounding success as the Total E & P personnel and community observers confirmed it as a complete solution for regular cleaning of the water storage tanks.


Disel Storage

A state-of-the-Art, zero entry tank cleaning system, a new way of cleaning confined space containments, A technology called Gamajet which Environ-Waste Nigeria Limited promotes in Nigeria market has won the interest of the major organisations.
Sometimes it remains silent in our consciousness to appreciate that disel tanks gets dirty and consequently damage our diesel engines. The debris (dirts) recovered from a washed diesel tank is the same as a typical sludge from an oil water separator. At the moment, projects have been satisfactorily delievered for Schlumberger, Chevron, Total Elf, NLNG. One of our clints, SPDC have bought into the service and are now on contract for the services.

Is there a dirty tank anywhere, we will help you clean it.